Do You Really Talk to Your Kids This Way? (Why Language Matters!)

This was voted the most valuable article I’ve ever written.

It applies to anyone who speaks to others or talks to themselves. (which is most of us)

More readers have told me this single article has gotten them a raise, improved their love life, reduced office tension, sold more, and even helped them raise kids that mind better.

I’ve been spending tons of time with my proverbial unofficial “step kids” lately, so I know first hand how important words are around the house and this knowledge has been soooo valuable in co-parenting.

This ARTICLE applies directly to any parenting situation. Words are sooo powerful. This
ARTICLE applies directly to any parenting situation. Words are sooo powerful.

You will want to print it off, share it with your family or forward to all your friends. It is an excerpt of my Rich and Happy book, and is strongly based in the field of N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming.)  N.L.P. has found its way into all forms for sales, criminal psychology, and even parenting texts since it’s inception 25  years ago.

TOXIC VOCABULARY – The power of your word choice and how it SHAPES reality.

Reading Time for newsletter: About four, eye-popping minutes. Time to master the concepts … months.

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Bart Baggett

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