2014 Update from Bart Baggett

Thanks for watching the overview video with the exciting new updates and opportunities with Handwriting University International.

Inside the video Bart discussed a few programs and products which you might want to learn more about.  The good news is that there is more opportunity than ever before. The bad news is that school systems are removing cursive handwriting from some curriculum and prices will be doubling for the home study course before the year is up.  Below are some links which you will want check visit, today.

http://myhandwriting.com/learn/homestudy  (Get Certified)

(Mastery Level Advanced Handwriting & Grapho-Therapy)

(Learn marketing now with 3 live classes a month)

(Learn to self-publish your way to wealth and recognition.)

http://bestsellerandbeyondcoaching.com/ (Write a book)




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