What does Sunshine’s Handwriting Reveal?

It has finally arrived… a new day in the field of handwriting analysis where we are no longer guessing at the accuracy of our analysis or defending our “expert” status based on a theory. It’s time to meet the real people, up close and personal, through a groundbreaking new video interview format.

This lesson comes in two parts, separated by one full day… so you have time to fully analyze today’s handwriting sample and so you don’t cheat (be looking ahead at the video interview).

First, downloaded, print, and analyze the handwriting of today’s interviewee… Ms. Sunshine Lee.

Download sunshines full resolution handwriting sample
Download sunshine’s handwriting sample (low res) 

Download Sunshine’s PDF file (low res 256 k)

Download Sunshine’s handwriting sample PDF file (high res 5MB)

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Answer the key questions below as you analyze the writing yourself. If you have a bit of patience and approach this the same way we do this in “LIVE EVENTS” worldwide, you will have a more profound learning experience.

1.  Does she have more than one career or     more than one primary interest?

2.  Is she successful?

3.  Is she talkative or secretive?

4.  Does she blame others when things go wrong?

5.  What was her childhood like?

6.  What is her deepest motivation?

7.  What has prevented her from success?

8.  Is she honest or full of self-deceit?

** Please take a moment to input your answers into the “comments” section so other students can learn from your thoughts on today’s handwriting sample.  You must login to place comments.


  1. What do you think of Sunshine’s handwriting. Is she successful? What trait signifies this?

  2. re : the handwriting of Rae Sunshine Lee

    A person who needs to be close to people, a clinger with emotional needs who fears criticism as much as she does success. IN a very true sense she is trapped and shows no strength of will or mind to set herself free. Her dominant weaknesses are: low self esteem, lathargic mind, no purpose, lack of education and training, repressed emotions and hoping for some success and satisfaction thru sexual activity . Lacking self discipline and maturity she relies on finding happiness in astrology, tarot cards, luck, friends as well as strangers and enticing advertisements.

    Reply to questions: 1. Her weakness might find her dabbling in one or more careers. 2 If successful, it’s not from a disciplined and skilled mind, but some accidental endowment she may possess (good looks, sexual body). 3. Talks too much, while trying to keep some secrets within herself. 4. I dont see her blaming anyone. 5. Childhood problems from her dad mainly who was probably a devious, manipulative person and thus creating in her a gnawing animosity towards men. 6. Motivation? she’s somewhat of a rebel (reversed PPI) in addition to emotional starvation. 7 (described above)
    8. Her writing shows many signs of dishonesty and self-deceit; however, she is not an evil, nor cruel, nor bad person in herself. She simply an uneducated woman who hasn’t matured

  3. Sunshine is probably not successful, because she has the classic “fear of success” y-loop

  4. The comment for question #2 is the same as *1….fear of success, plus Sunshine has some control issues, which could interfere with a healthy degree of success.

  5. Comment on Question #3 is that Sunshine is for the most part secretive denoted by the inside right loop of her ovals.

  6. My comment on #5 is that Sunshine apparently had issues with one of her parents….and in this case, I would say her father. But definitely an unresolved conflict with one of the parents. Denoted by the bottom part of her personal pronoun

  7. Comment to #6 is ….well…likely physical activity, based on her long lower loops.

  8. Comment on question #7 is possibly because she has control issues, may be too dominant to be a team player. Also, she possibly may be pessimistic, based on her falling baseline….unless she was discouraged or feeling otherwise down at the time of the writing. She also may have a tendency to “fizzle out” while working. And, of course, there is that predominant “y” loop = fear of failure.

  9. I dont not know.Based on her handwritting I think that she probably has problem with following the rules.

  10. A lot of this is incorrect. I am quite successful as can be attested to by my imdb page at:
    http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2625051/ I am currently enrolled at LBCC and have completed the course work required to receive a Certificate in Human Services, and am continuing my studies. I am also a licensed Pastor with a jail house ministry. I am a born again Christian and have been successfully married almost 30 years now…

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