5 Red Flags of Pure Evil. Inside the Criminal Mind.

When you look at the handwriting of a real career criminal… can you spot the issues?

In some samples, you probably get a huge GUT FEELING that this is a very very bad man.

There are many Hell Traits and Red Flags that will alert you to danger that is this convicted kidnapper: Thomas Kane.

With Kane’s handwriting sample, you probably do not have to be a student of handwriting to feel that this is someone you would not want your children – or yourself – to be around.

If you break Kane’s handwriting down into the primary strokes or the 11 major fears… you will find evidence of Sensitivity to Criticism, Paranoia, Stingers, Resentment, Anger, Stingers, Sarcasm, Domineering,Parental Issues, Fear of Success, and even determination and X’s at the baseline.  This guy has issues.

...so... would you go around with me if I wrote like this man, Thomas Cane, a hardcore criminal? It shows handwriting works, ladies!
The most significant trait which gives you  a clue that a damaged person can turn into a violent person is the trait of Resentment.  Deep long strokes from the past and heavy writing.

The Resentment stroke starts at or below the baseline, is rigid like a ruler, and it comes up in a rightward direction. This is always a red flag and indicates trouble.


thomaskane resentmentInflexible beginning strokes at the beginning of a word. The stroke must start at or below the baseline and remain rigidly strait. The farther the line starts below the baseline, the further back that anger goes into their past.


A person with Resentment is harboring anger, resentment, or hate toward someone or something.

If you notice that the anger goes all the way back into their childhood, then that’s going to be a bad person.

That person, even if they are not a criminal, they are going to toxify any relationship they are in. It just takes one.

If either person in a relationship has Resentment, then that relationship is going to be tumultuous.

It is like putting a dirty diaper into a clean bucket of water. It is going to ruin the whole water.

Resentment ruins the relationship.

Watch the video and spend more time researching these traits since they are all significant in the context of EVIL and criminal behavior. Taking must one stroke without the others is a very rookie way to analyze handwriting:
Sensitivity to Criticism/ Paranoia
Parental Issues
Fear of Success
Confusion of Interest
X’s at the baseline
Heavy writing
Much Much More.


More on why resentment is bad for you and me… even if we are not dating a serial killer.

One Toxic Person Ruins a Relationship of even the best human beings.

Even if you have a wonderful, sweet, nice person, and they marry a person with lots of resentment, they are both going to be asses eventually because their reaction to the resentment will mess them up.

If they get out of that context, maybe they’ll reset and be really sweet again.poison-146494_960_720

Basically, anyone in a toxic situation who experiences enough pain will create defense mechanism. Normally, for example, that person would not be defensive or critical or strangle her husband in the middle of the night. But, after 17 years swallowing the poison of resentment in the marriage, her natural tendency can be overwhelmed and changed.
In that example, I would not call her a criminal mind, but she is in a toxic environment.

This trait and the variations of this trait are the key to criminal minds because Resentment is anger, and anger is a toxic emotion which boils in your soul. If you get angry enough, you have to do something to release the tension.

The release can be violent. It can be self-punishing. It can be alcohol or drug abuse.

Anger also ends up creating blame.

Usually someone who is angry feels that something is unfair and thus that person is angry at something – the government, taxes, parents, spouse, …

It is rare that someone thinks, “I am really angry at myself because I’ve made a mess of my life, and I’d like to fix it.”

With blame, comes putting the responsibility on someone else. That way, the criminal mind can justify whatever harm they do to them.

That’s why having a relationship with someone with resentment is always a toxic affair. (Pun intended.)


This is just one short clip from the new 301 Level Certification Level Video Trainings as part of the Certification home study course.  We hope you never see a criminal handwriting sample in person as bad as this… but you can avoid the key traits.

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