The Handwriting Interviews : Sunshine Lee Video Interview

It has finally arrived… a new day in the field of handwriting analysis where we are no longer guessing at the accuracy of our analysis or defending our “expert” status based on a theory. It’s time to meet today’s handwriting sample author, Sunshine, up close and personal. This is the first of a series of this new video interview format.

First, you should have already downloaded, printed, and analyzed the handwriting of today’s interviewee… Mrs. Sunshine Lee. If you have not done that, please do not WATCH the video below until you have attempted to answer the key questions and analyze the writing yourself. If you have a bit of patience and approach this the same way we do this in “LIVE EVENTS” worldwide, you will have a more profound learning experience.

So, here are the steps to utilizing this new video learning tool for maximum benefit.

1. Download Sunshine Lee’s handwriting sample and analyze it using what you’ve learned from Bart Baggett’s Handwriting University step by step system.

2. Answer the 7 questions about Sunshine the best you can, based on the handwriting.

3. Input your answers into the “comments” section so other students can learn from your wisdom.

4. Only then, can you press play and watch part one and part two of the Sunshine Lee Video which does contain some commentary by Bart Baggett, filmed during the 2009 Mastery Event in India.

If you like this video, or hated it, please LOGIN and make a comment on this page. (Scroll to the bottom and comment. Students worldwide learn from your insights.) You don’t have to be a paid member to comment, but you have to have a user name and password (free).

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  1. Add your comment here, there are 10 more videos coming to this site for members to learn from…. shall we continue to produce these interview videos?

  2. 1. Yes
    2. No
    3. secretive
    4. yes
    5. self consciouss, insecure
    6. to be approved of
    7. fear of success
    8. honest

  3. Very interesting! This is a great way to learn and practice what we already know.

  4. This was great. More please:)

  5. Hi, could someone pls fix the links? I can’t watch the videos 🙁

  6. I don’t get to spend as much time on the “lessons” as I’d like, but I love when I can analyze the person and then see their video. I picked up a lot about Sunshine. I think she shows a lot of overt enthusiasm and understood that she resents formalized religion. I married those traits with her pushy, dominating personality, her freedom with sexuality and her desire to achieve (though not reaching the desired success) with a lack of follow through, strong emotions, and some residual resentment at what life has dealt her. She thinks a lot of herself and yet spins out of control in a downward spiral. Though I didn’t name it depression as you did, I “think” that’her downward slant of words led you to describe her state of being as depressed.

  7. The subject, Sunshine, posted this on facebook. After watching the video and the comments from students, ” I noticed the ‘analysis’ you all did on me and it, for the most part, was very inaccurate. Just thought I’d share that with you.”

    Do you agree with her? Not? She does have a nice resume of acting parts, books published, etc. How do feel the handwriting matches her own reality?

    She seems very sincere. Also, she implied she might have more than one “style” of writing depending on moods.

    Your comments are welcome.

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