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The Truth About Liars

Donald Trump Handwriting Analysis

Why are you always lying (video)

5 Most Annoying Personality Traits

10 Strange Signatures from Europe 5 Hell Traits Found in Handwriting

4 Key Reasons Relationships Fail


5 Horrible Signature Styles You Must Avoid

Handwriting University India Graduates Twenty!

5 Types of Signatures You Must Avoid

Indian Times Celebrity Graphologists

Why Won't My Love Commit to Me?

KFC Chicken's Founder Harlan Sanders VIDEO

Want to give yourself a huge raise? Break free from the hourly thinking model… here is how.

Find the Perfect Valentine With The Stroke of the Pen


T-Party 3

Did Your Kids Write This Way?

Scott Peterson Murder Case

You Shouldn't Talk About Religion!

Don Wins $17 Million Dollar Forgery Case!

Guess who made the front page of
"The Times of India"??

"Your Deepest Insecurities - Exposed!"

The Pen is Mightier Than The Personality

Treat From China

Grapho-therapy Profoundly Changed Her Life

The Secret Joy of Being Defiant

The Chief of Police Visits
Handwriting University, India

What the Bleep?!?

Confidence is Very Attractive

Does a Felon's Claw a Felon Make?

Spotting Depression in Handwriting

Do You Talk to Your Kids This Way?

Instant Analysis Of Curved & Angled Writers

Overcome the Fear of Success

Do you write like James Bond?

Are You Too Sensitive to Criticism?

What Does a Good President Write Like?

Month Of Love

Love And Sex

Is the Pen Mightier than the Sword

Five Hell Traits Exposed

Are You Depressed

Raise Your Kids Grades

Test Your Self Esteem

Criminal Minds

Olympic Gold Medalist Cael Sanderson
National Handwriting Week

9 Secret S E X Traits

Is your loved one addicted to OTC drugs?

Free Handwriting Analysis Lessons


Paris Hilton

The coolest job I ever had

Quickie Handwriting Analysis

Change your writing to become more successful

Toxic Vocabulary



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